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Achieving Excellence

 Paula Lely



Degrees and Certifications:

Paula Lely

I have been teaching at Prestwood School since 1988. At Prestwood School, I have taught both second and third grade. These two grades are my favorites. I currently teach second grade and am a member of a great team. I enjoy collaborating and sharing ideas with my colleagues.

This year I am involved with the MERIT Program sponsored by the Sonoma Valley Education Foundation. My class will be participating in a Science Project that will involve reading, writing, drawing, science and technology.

The hobbies I enjoy are sewing, gardening, going to Giants baseball games and reading. I love the town of Sonoma and like walking around playing"tourist". My favorite restaurants are Mary's, The Red Grape, Depot Hotel, and Swiss Hotel because I like to eat out occasionally.

During this summer I was very busy. First I took a "Fast Track" Technology class for two days. Then I taught summer school and went to two Giants games. Next I attended a three week technology course for my MERIT project. I also began making a quilt called The Black Hen,read a few interesting books and grew vegetables and sunflowers.


See our 2nd grade merit project by clicking here.

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